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Our roots go back to 1977. IntraSearch, a Denver Colorado based professional services firm, was providing photogrammetric and exploration mapping services to the mining industry. They started a Billings, Montana branch office in 1977 to provide services to the growing coal mining industry in Montana and Wyoming. William Maehl and Donald Sutton joined IntraSearch in June 1978. David Murja joined IntraSearch in 1979 and Dixie Osborne came aboard in 1980. In 1983, IntraSearch spun the Billings office off as IntraSearch Engineering. A year later in June of 1984, Don, Bill, Dave and two other engineers bought out IntraSearch Engineering and renamed the company Spectrum Engineering. In July 2015, we joined forces with HydroGeoLogic as a wholly owned subsidiary called Spectrum Engineering and Environmental. This latest transition allows us to service the federal job market. The current three senior mining engineers of Spectrum have served the mine reclamation, mining industry, utility market, and regulatory agencies together since 1978-1979.

Mission Statement    

Our corporate philosophy is to provide the best professional service available at the most reasonable price. Our goal is that every contract we enter into be a win-win situation, in which both parties feel good about value received/provided and the professionalism of the work product.

We always strive to provide our clients "more" than what they ask for or expect. Our company motto is ‘Under promise and over deliver’.

We value our client’s time and resources. You have lots to do without baby-sitting an engineering firm to make sure they are providing what you want, in the format desired, and at the agreed upon price. Your project will be treated in a professional, cost-effective manner.