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Mine Engineering and Planning

Engineering design for both open pit and underground mines have come a long way in the last 100 years. Spectrum Engineering stays on the cutting edge of design and innovation. Spectrum Engineering can improve the efficiency of your mining and reclamation practices. Good engineering and planning will always reduce your capital and operating costs. During the past 30 years, we have had the opportunity to investigate, critique, and improve the mining and reclamation costs and practices of many mines as consultants for the coal buyers and as consultants for the mine operators. We use sophisticated computer modeling tools to calculate quantities and to help us model landforms, but these models are useless if the design engineers do not have experience and common sense. The mining and reclamation concepts must be developed jointly with the production staff that will implement the plans. Most plans are seldom followed because the production department either does not understand the plan, or because the plan is not feasible. A good plan must be feasible, and must involve the people who will implement it. We save our clients money by working with their engineering and production staff to develop simple, yet sophisticated plans showing how the overburden moves, and how to properly regrade this overburden to a stable landform with the minimum amount of work. Generally, our goal is to find ways to move material the shortest distance, and to move it only one time. Rehandle is costly and inefficient. Beginning of New York Horses Pulling Fresno
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