Spectrum Engineering's Services

Environmental Engineering and EIS/Related Document Development

Spectrum has conducted remedial site investigations, risk assessments, feasibility studies, and sampling programs.  We have evaluated sites for classification as Hazardous Waste Sites pursuant to SARA and CERCLA.  We have prepared NCP documents (Field Investigation Work Plans, Sampling and Analysis Plans, Community Relations Plans, and Health and Safety Plans).

A preliminary evaluation of reclamation alternatives of the Colorado Tailings in Butte was completed in 1983 prior to EPA involvement (after 9 additional years of study and $8 MM later, the EPA decided to implement in principle the Colorado Tailings Plan that we recommended).

We worked very closely with the Army Corps of Engineers and their contractor (M-K) on the removal of tailings and the reconstruction of the South Fork of the Coeur D’Alene River portion of the Bunker Hill Superfund project.  M-K excavated until the tailings were removed, and Spectrum Engineering surveyed the resulting landforms and designed the river floodplain, wetlands, and floodplain as they were uncovered.

Environmental Assessments (EA's) were prepared for the Pryor Mountain 89 uranium project, the Benbow Mine and Mill chrome project, and the Mouat Mine chrome project.  NCP documents (Field Investigation Work Plan, Sampling and Analysis Plan, Community Relations Plan, and Health and Safety Plan) were prepared for the Bannack State Park, the Bannack Mining District and the West Butte HMO hardrock projects.

Spectrum prepared the mine engineering, geology, and geotechnical analysis of roads and tailings embankments for the East Boulder EIS.  We also drafted several of the EIS exhibits.

Spectrum developed the Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement to assess all potential reclamation alternatives developed out of a lengthy consultation process involving the EPA, Fort Belknap Indian Reservation, the BLM, and the State of Montana for two large bankrupt gold mines.

Spectrum developed the Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement to address all potential reclamation alternatives for the large Golden Sunlight open pit gold mine. The work involved developing technical assessments and conducting a consultation process with the opposing environmental groups, EPA, BLM, DEQ, and Placer Dome.

Environmental Draft