Spectrum Engineering's Services

Geographic Information Systems
and Mapping

Spectrum Engineering has worked with large 3-D data sets and computer models such as drill hole databases containing geological information and property maps since 1978. This data is then modeled in 3-D to produce geologic maps, detailed earthwork and mining plans, and detailed reclamation and revegetation plans and maps.

Since we are always dealing with complex land and mineral ownership, we developed special expertise in solving complex property ownership maps.

This expertise includes preparing surface and mineral ownership mapping of more than a million acres of property in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia, and identifying thousands of property owners of patented and unpatented mineral claims in Montana, Wyoming, and Utah.

Our technology has evolved from stand alone database and modeling software, to AutoCAD, to AutoCAD Map, to ArcGIS. We presently have the skills and technology to manage most common data formats. We have broad expertise using ESRI’s ArcGIS software.

We own survey grade (sub centimeter) and map grade GPS surveying equipment that we use for small to medium sized jobs, or tasks that require on the ground data collection.