Spectrum Engineering SOQ

Site Investigation and Geology

The evaluations of a new mineral deposit or a large abandoned mine site all require certain similar investigatory skills. If the initial sampling program is flawed, then erroneous conclusions will result. Our staff has managed phosphate, coal and hardrock exploration programs. This experience provides a practical basis for the evaluation of new and existing projects. All our principals managed mining exploration projects for large mining companies before becoming consultants. We have performed every phase of mineral resource evaluation including landowner identification and drilling agreements; development of property ownership maps; property surveys; topography mapping; state and federal exploration permits; drill hole layout, drilling and geophysical logging, drill site reclamation; geologic modeling; resource estimations; and finally mine design and construction. Site Investigation and Geology

What you know about your site and its history is extremely important is making effective decisions. Spectrum recognizes the impact of location-specific conditions. We can provide a site history, environmental setting, define applicable regulations and determine your level of potential risk and liability. We recognize the most important part of any field reconnaissance is what happens to the data back in the office. We have worked with massive databases and have the skills necessary to organize the raw data into useful end results. Once all of the data is collected and analyzed, Spectrum can navigate you through the variety of complex federal and state rules which impact site decisions. Our daily work requires us to interact with regulators and understand their policies and guidelines.