Spectrum Engineering's Services

Water Resources Engineering and Hydrology

Spectrum Engineering provides technical consulting services in a number of areas relating to water resources engineering. These include: Engineering Hydrology, Hydraulic Engineering, Mining Applications and Permitting Hydrologic Plans, and Hazardous Waste Analyses.

We have developed specifications for stream relocations, specialized stream bed mixtures, biodegradable bank revetments and stabilization techniques, fabric reinforced bank construction, riprap, and so forth. As part of the hydrologic control plans for various types of surface mining operations, we design diversion structures, material stockpiles, culverts, pipelines, and ditches. We also design hydrologically stable post mining reclamation topography - requiring knowledge and experience of sediment transport, geomorphology, hydrology, open-channel hydraulics, mining methods, and most important - mine economics.

Removal of historic gold mine tailings in Ruby Gulch, MT

We have designed and modeled the rehabilitation of streams and rivers that are within Superfund and hazardous waste projects. The tasks included statistical hydrology, flood plain delineation, flood plain and channel redesign, stream bank reconstruction and flood plain reconstruction. Two of these assignments dealt with evaluating techniques to stabilize or remove mine tailings that were dumped in rivers.

Before and after photos of historic cyanide mill
tailings removal through the town of Zortman, MT